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Voice of Christ Ministries International, is a Non-Denominational Multicultural Christian Church, founded on apostolic doctrine and the principles of the Word of God. We are church for the community, originated to do the will of Sovereign God of the Bible throughout the world.

The driving force behind this church is the fact that, in the Kingdom of God, people from every nation, language, culture., and tribe will worship God in Spirit and in Truth.

Our church strives to bridge the gap between generations, cultures, denominations, so that the Name of God can be glorified in Unity and Jesus our Lord can be exalted in all nations. If you are looking for French speaking East African community church and worship center, our church is the best place for you.

In our church, people can witness the Spirit of God in operation and transformation of lives by His Grace. It is the place where everyone will be accepted and challenged to grow to the fullness of Christ.

We strongly believe in the balance of growth in every believer, comprising of the word, fruit of the Holy Spirit, spiritual gifts, as the vital factor in equipping of saints for the work of the ministry and for the edification of the body of Christ.


    We believe in the Bible as the Inspired, infallible word of God, without error, given for the purpose of directing man to salvation, inerrant in the original autographs and the only rule of faith, guide for practices and indisputable and ultimate authority of the Revelation of God, His Will and His Way.(II Timothy3:16-17, Psalms19:7-11, 2Peter1:16-21).


    We believe in the Triune God-The Eternally Self-Existent, ‘’ I AM’’, the Creator of heaven and earth, the sustainer of all things, and redeemer of mankind manifested in three persons; Almighty Father, Divine Son Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit.(Genesis1:1, John1:1, John4:24, John5:7, Mathew10:20, 2Corinthians3:17-18).


    We believe in the Deity of Jesus-Christ, the incarnation of God Father, supernaturally conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, very God of very God, and by whom all things were created. He is the vicarious Sacrifice of the sin of all mankind through His death on the cross. We believe in the physical resurrection of the Lord Jesus-Christ, and that He ascended bodily into the Heaven and now is at the right hand of God Father as our Mediator, High Priest, and Advocate. He is the Head of His body, the Church.(Matthew1:22-23, Hebrews9:24, Acts3:12-26, Hebrews4:14-15, Romans1:3-4, 1Corinthians15:3-4, Isaiah9:6)


    We believe in the Divine personhood of the Holy Spirit and His present day ministry to believers, including the sovereign distribution of spiritual gifts, which empowers believers for service in the Church.(1Corinthians12:7-11)


    We believe that human is created in the image of God and likeness of God. Through the original sin of Adam and Eve, mankind has fallen from God and become sinful in nature. As a result the human race became alienated sinful, totally incapable of remedying its lost condition. No one was capable of reconciling the human race except God Himself, through His only begotten Son Jesus who came from heaven to bring salvation.(John3:1-18, Hebrews2:9, Philippians2:9-11, Ephesians2:8, Romans3:22-223)


    We believe in the substitutionary atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ, that He, by the grace of God tasted death for every man and that all must be born again through faith in Him or are forever lost. Redemption is accomplished by the cross and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, by grace through faith, believing in the heart that God raised Him from the dead. Salvation is by Jesus Christ and none other, for God has highly exalted Him and given a name, which is above every name, that at the name of Jesus Christ every knee should bow, of those in heaven, earth and those under the earth. We believe that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior to the Glory of God-Father. Salvation is God’s free gift to us but we must accept it or receive it by faith through grace. (Matthew16:16-18, Romans12:4-5, 1Corinthians1:10-13, Colossians3:14-15)


    We believe in water baptism and Holy Communion-the Lord’s Supper as the ordinances of the church to be observed as public declaration of salvation through Jesus Christ and the commemoration of His death, burial, and resurrection in victory over satan, death, hell, and the grave.(Matthew3:11-14, Matthew26:26-29, Luke22:17-23)


    We believe in the personal, visible, imminent return of Jesus Christ both for His Saints and with His Saints in reign to victory. We believe in the consummation of all things includes the visible, personal return of Jesus Christ, the resurrection of the dead and the translation of those alive in Christ or overcomers in Christ into the presence of God for Eternity. Heaven and Hell are real places and the choice is ours.(1 Thessalonicians4:13-18, Revelation19:19-20 and 20:1-6)

  • Church:

    The church is the body of Christ, whose task is to take the Gospel to all men in all nations and to make disciples of them.(Matthew28:19-20)