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I thank God for His favor and grace. I grew up in Christian’s home, know the Bible, but my life does not reflect any kind of spirituality. I was disobedient, rebellious, and abandoned completely the church. One day, one of my friend I saw long time ago invited for a church service. I was surprised because I knew her life style and asked myself since when she began going to church. She replied that Jesus changed her life and she is not anymore the same person. I laughed at her and told her I will go with her when I will have time. I thank God she did not give up and kept pushing. By that time, I was dealing with a real medical problem. I was bleeding for more than three months, went to hospital but received no help from the doctors. Every day, I felt tired because of the anemia. One day, I cried to God and sought for His help. I called my friend and asked him to bring me to the church. On the way, I was crying, asking God to help me. When we came to the church, I sat on the back and was watching everything they were doing. At my surprise, God revealed my condition to the pastor and he started describing exactly my medical issue. I still remembered some of the words the pastor said ‘’ There was a lady on my right side, bleeding for more than 3 months, underwent several medical treatments ………………………………..Jesus loves you and is healing you right now.’’ He asked me to stand up but I was ashamed and didn’t do that. What surprised me the most was the fact that I didn’t tell anything about my sickness to my friend. If not, I could think that she foretold the pastor. My friend knew nothing about my issue. At the end of the service, I went to see the pastor and confessed my sin. I explained to him that I was the one bleeding. I asked him to pray for me. He just led me to receive Christ as my Lord and Savior and told me that Jesus already healed me. I doubted little bit and returned home. I was surprised that the next day, I did not bleed anymore until this day of testimony and won’t bleed again. Jesus healed me. Glory to Jesus.

Rose- Haiti

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