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For 19 years, I was addicted to cigarettes. This addiction was controlling my life. I started having health problems. I knew it was destroying my life, my marriage and my health but I was not able to get rid of it. I had tried everything humanly possible to overcome it and I had failed at each attempt. My life was a major disaster until the day someone invited me to Voice of Christ Ministries Church. When I went to the church, I was surprised by the way the pastor was rebuking the demons and the authority by which he was operating. This triggered my curiosity to come again. The history of the change that occurred in my life started the day I attended a deliverance conference. I was very stressed thinking on how not to do to smoke during the three days of the conference. Surprisingly, I overcome this stress and did not smoke until the third day, which was the last day of the conference. At the end, I was sleeping when I had a weird dream. In my dream, I was sleeping in a bed and it looked like there was something trying to enter my body and could not. In the dream, I knew that it was an evil spirit trying to use my body and I rebuked this demon not to come anymore in my life and woke up. That day was the last day of smoking in my life. By this time, it has been 3 years since I stopped smoking and thank Jesus for delivering me that addiction. Today, it is even difficult for me to smell the odor of cigarettes when I see people smoking. God is good. I thank God for the pastor he brought into my life. He knew my situation but never judged me or condemned me. Now, my marriage is restored and I have a healthy life style with my wife and my children. I have a new life and peace in my heart.

Waldy S. Digui

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