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Top 5 Ways to Have a Successful Marriage

Marriage is a divine covenant and cannot work without the touch of His creator. Marriage is challenging. It is even more challenging without actively seeking God. He wants us to succeed and have a fulfilling life as a married couple.

He who finds a wife find what is good and finds favor from the Lord. - Proverbs 18:22 Here you will have some ways that helped millions and millions to keep their marriage lasting for a life. It can help you if you consider them seriously.

Top 5 Ways to Seek God in Your Marriage

1. Pray daily with your spouse

2. Help others as a couple

3. Find a community of likeminded people

4. Study the word of God

5. Put love first

They say that those that pray together stay together. We say couples actively seeking God are setting themselves up for success. In a world where marriage is more like dating with about half of all married couples throwing in the towel, we need all the help we can get.


Praying is intimate and personal. Many people reach out to God while alone. Praying aloud with your spouse is enriching, humbling and will bring you much closer together as a couple.

• Find a couples prayer book and read it together each day. Recommended Reading – “Love Out Loud: 365 Devotions for Loving God, Loving Yourself and Loving Others” by Joyce Meyer.

• Make time for each other every day.

• Pray for each other. Even a quick call or even an email or text message with a prayer is wonderful.

Help Others

Love your neighbor as yourself. There are not many things more rewarding than helping others in need as a united front. From helping an elderly neighbor with their yard, getting to doctor appointments, to going on a mission to a third world country. There are more opportunities to help than people realize. Someone near you needs your help right now, you only have to seek the opportunity.

• Get involved and give back.

• Help at a local food bank.

• Help those in need from your church.

• Find a place to volunteer your time in the community.

Find a Community

Finding a church or community of likeminded families is very important to your religious well-being. You can find others to lean on in times of need, can give back with community events and projects, and it will help you grow spiritually in ways that couldn’t be achieved on your own.

• Visit a number of churches in your area as a couple and find the one that speaks to you both.

• Join a men or women’s group.


God is waiting for us. He wants to communicate with us and have us spread his word. Actively reading the bible and praying is something we all could improve upon. It is easy to get lost in the busy nature of our everyday lives. Committing as a couple to studying the word of God will only enrich your marriage and relationship with Jesus.

• Make God a priority each day.

• Schedule in time to study the word of God.

• Make time with God part of your daily routine as a couple.

Put Love First

Say it with love or don’t say it at all. We all get upset with those we love. If you never get upset, then you are not very close or are hiding your emotions. It is what we do with these emotions that matter most. We all should know that it is “how you say it” that makes all the difference when arguing. If we can say what is bothering us “with love” we will have a much better outcome. At times it seems people are nicer to strangers than their own spouses. If you adopt the “say it with love” attitude life will be much less stressful and you will be happier as a couple. Ask yourself, what would Jesus say?

• “It hurts me when you don’t let me know you are safe and I worry.” vs. “I cannot believe you didn’t call me after you made it to Seattle.”

• Commit to each other to be positive and say it with love.

• Learn to fight in the right way. Recommended reading – “The Good Fight – How Conflict Can Bring You Closer” by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott.

With the right focus, proper goals and getting your priorities in life straight you will be on the fast track to a happier, more fulfilling and successful marriage.

"Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins." 1 Peter 4:8

Stay tuned for more articles about how you can better connect with Jesus, your spouse and family.


Marriage is a divine institution. God is the creator of marriage. It all started from Him. The joy and happiness in marriage depend on God. God will only guide what He creates. God wants us to know and do His will and He is actively involved in revealing it. Therefore, before seeking God’s will in marriage, first have a relationship with Him. This will reduce stress, give your life meaning and prepare you for eternity. Marriage is not for lazy people. Marriage is for mature people.

It is written in the Bible: ‘’House and riches are the inheritance of fathers, but a prudent wife is from the LORD.” Proverbs 19:14

You can inherit some riches and wealth from your parents but a blessed marriage come only from God. You can try to control your marriage or try to have a peaceful marriage by following the advices of marriage counselors. It can work for a time but when it come the time of divine input, if you do not have a relationship with the creator of marriage, you will try to solve a spiritual problem with a natural solution. Most of the time, it fails and most people finish in frustration and depression.

If you are reading this word of inspiration, it is not by accident. God loves you and wants to restore your relationship or marriage if you can trust him. He will never fail you or disappoint you.

God will work in you to do His will. He will use circumstances and situations to perfect His will for your life - Rom. 8:28; Phil.2:12-13. You must therefore remain sensitive, paying attention to doors He opens and closes to direct your path. As you read this word of inspiration, I pray that God bless and restores every aspect of your marriage.

Don’t forget! You are the ‘’ Voice of Christ’’ among the unbelievers.